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We help you read ToS, now we need your help!

ToS;DR is happy to announce its participation to Duckduckgo's $500,000 Privacy Challenge, a grand crowdfunding challenge where everyone is encouraged to raise money for projects working for privacy, transparency and security online and offline. It's a great opportunity to campaign to sustain our work in the future along with a dozen of awesome projects.

As you might know, everyone in ToS;DR is a volunteer and we all are giving out parts of our free-time to work on the project. Since our crowdfunding in 2012, we had the possibility to give a little money to everyone helping out. Between 2013 and 2016, the project lived through a little hiatus but since December 2016, it is going through a new youth! From then, we focused on allowing users to participate in the project especially through the development of a crowd-reading platform for ToS analysis. As the development of our edit tool is one of our main concerns and many of our members are working on it, our funds from the previous crowdfunding are now all used up.

Since the project's reboot in 2016, we saw that the transparency of ToS are still an important concern for Internet users and this is why we want to keep working on ToS;DR. This importance has seen recognition also by large actors such as DuckDuckGo who are now using our work in their new Privacy Browser add-on.

Trust is one of the pillars of online services. At ToS;DR, we want to improve the trust users have in the service they use by making the fine print understandable. If, like us, you believe the transparency of ToS are important, if you want to support our efforts in making the Internet a more transparent place, support our work now!

Support us now: https://crowdrise.com/tosdr