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Phoenix: same players, new platform

At Terms of Services; Didn't Read, we are very excited to present you the alpha version of our new platform: Phoenix. Built with Ruby on Rails and lots of love, it aims at simplifying the submission of user-based analyses of Terms of Services. Today, we issue its alpha release and hope you'll like it!

Earlier this year, we published a blog post announcing few new changes. After coming short on finding a MeteorJS developer to help in the new releases of the current edit.tosdr.org tool, we decided during the summer to create a new platform with a new framework.

We choose Ruby on Rails as many of people involved in the project know that technology. The development of this new platform called Phoenix started on 13 November 2017 and its alpha release is issued on 24 November 2017.

The development of Phoenix had one main objective: allow people to add analysis of services in the most simple manner.

What's new?

  • All-in : This platform is a "all-package" system. It allows users to contribute, moderate contribution and display the result of the analysis on the home page.

  • Top 10: All points are now rated from a scale from 1 to 10

  • Average classes: All classes are the result of an average of all the points linked to a service. The rating of the classes is kept :
    A - These are the best terms of service. This web service treats you fairly, respects your rights, and will not abuse your data.
    B - These terms of service are fair towards the user but could be improved.
    C - These terms of service are okay, but some issues require your consideration.
    D - These terms of service are likely skewed against you, or there are some important issues that require your attention.
    F - These terms of service raise very serious concerns.
    N/A - There is not enough data to determine the class.

  • Simpler database: We simplified the database schema. You have more information on our wiki

All in all, we hope that this new plateforme will improve the transparency and understanding on the ToS of the services we use everyday. As this is an alpha version, we invite all of you to notify any improvement you'd like and bug you want on Github or by email at phoenix-core at tosdr dot org.

Chris, KeThien and Madeline

ps: We have a new blog! Looking for archives? They are here.