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Our in-house review tool is working!

Since November, we have been working on the web application that is hosted on edit.tosdr.org, and that we use to (as the domain name suggests) edit tosdr.org. Although there are always some bugfixes going on, we can now say the tool works and is ready for use!

This is one of the great things about working on the Terms of Service; Didn't Read project, compared to other projects I have worked on in the past: our mission is not impossible. We are actually achieving our goals here.

With TosBack, we have been crawling terms and conditions of all major websites for over six years now. And it's working. You can look at every clause in every legal document of every major website, and see on which day of which year that sentence first appeared in that service's terms. And journalists do that more and more. They use us as a valuable open data source on user agreements in the digital era, so that makes us quite proud.

Last year, when DuckDuckGo approached us about using our review data as an input for their Privacy Grade, that also made us realize that our project is something special; we are the go-to data source when it comes to reviews of terms and privacy policies. Thanks to all the hard work you, contributors, are putting in!

Some stats

Our database contains 1600 points about 400 different services.

Of these, 300 have been approved and are live on the website. This means they have been submitted by one reviewer (the author of the point), and cross-checked by a second reviewer (the curator).

Another 300 have been submitted, but are pending review. We currently have 87 reviewers, only 10 of whom are curators and can approve the points that other reviewers submit. Please write an email to team@tosdr.org if you are a contributor on edit.tosdr.org, and want to become a curator too!

Apart from approved points and pending points, the remaining 1000 points have been imported from the previous review tool and from the Google Group that we used originally, and they are still lacking some information.

With six people all working a few hours per week, we are currently going through the list of points to add all the missing information. We hope to get through the list in the next one or two months, and our review tool is a great help with this work!