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Crowdfunding: Thank you all!

Few days ago, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge ended. Thanks to all of you, we raised $3,515 in donations from 78 people. That sum was added to the winning of weekly challenges, which makes a total of $14,640! The ToS;DR team would like to deeply thank everyone who donated, shared and participated in this campaign. The money raised will be used to pay the developers who work hard to develop Phoenix and ToSBack, as well as any contributors who would like to join the effort.

After working with DuckDuckGo on their Privacy Essentials add-on, we participated in this big crowdfunding with many other great organisations who work daily for freedom, security and democracy all over the world and on the Internet (find the list at https://www.crowdrise.com/duckduckgoprivacychallenge ). This crowdfunding wasn't really part of our short-term plans, as we wanted to first focus on Phoenix, but it came as a great opportunity to not only raise funds, but to also gauge whether there was the same interest for our project as there was in 2013 during our previous campaign.

And there was!

We were very touched by the interest that ToS;DR brought on different social platforms and among users. We are committed to fixing the biggest lie on the Internet and here are the next steps that we are going to take:

Phoenix beta

We will finish the development of the alpha version of Phoenix to release a working beta as soon as we can. It means we need to improve some features, like implementing functionality that allows users to more easily add frequently recurring aspects of ToS, which we refer to as "cases", improving the user experience for the submission process, allowing users to discuss the different points, and also improving overall security. Madeline recently rejoined the development crew, so things should move a bit faster!

ToSBack 3

We aim to keep developing the portage of ToSBack 2 to ToSBack 3, which is in Rails. These crawl various websites to track changes in ToS, and we also want to increase the list of sites that this crawler is scraping. This area is Jimm's.

For a more transparent future

After finishing a more complete version of Phoenix, the only thing left will be to work through the curation backlog, and then keep filling Phoenix's database further with analyses! Those analyses are used not only on DuckDuckGo's privacy add-on, but also on our project and on many projects-to-come, as our data is under open license.

Let's fix the biggest lie on the Internet together! If you want to join us, feel free to send us an email at team at tosdr dot org, join our IRC channel #tosdr on Freenode, or follow us on Twitter or Mastodon. We welcome contributions of any kind, be it documentation, design, coding or testing! Send your issues and pull requests on Github!

If you want to give us monthly donations, we also opened an Open Collective page to manage this money transparently.

Thank you all again <3
The ToS;DR team