ToS;DR supports the User Data Manifesto

Today, the User Data Manifesto has been updated to version 2.

This manifesto aims at defining basic rights for people to control their own data in the internet age.

“The User Data Manifesto is a starting point, a humble contribution to the greater debate on rights and freedoms online that can hopefully help raise awareness.”

Users are increasingly using online services to perform their daily computing, whether it is for social networking, for collaboration, or for sharing pictures, among many other activities. Thus, users are losing control over their own data more than ever.

According to the User Data Manifesto, people should have:

  1. Control over user data access,
  2. Knowledge of how user data is stored, and which laws or jurisdictions apply.
  3. Freedom to choose a platform, without experiencing vendor lock-in.

“The recognition of the User Data Rights defined in the manifesto is an important block to build a free society in the digital age“ says Hugo Roy, ToS;DR project leader and coauthor of the manifesto.

ToS;DR supports the Manifesto, along with other organisations:

You can read the User Data Manifesto here