New Feature: Tweet that rating!

We’ve been very busy this weekend, working on the code for We are going to blog about some of the work we did. Here’s the first thing we made, just to warm us up! ☺

Now, you can directly tweet from a ToS;DR Card! Here’s an example with YouTube.


The feature is available in some cases:

  • when the Terms of service are rated Class A, class D or class E

    That way, you can choose to thank service providers that respect your rights, as well as share your concerns with service providers that apparently haven’t upgraded their terms of service to better standards yet.

  • when we have the Twitter handle in our database

    For that, we’d need to work with some database to import this kind of data. If you are a developer interested in helping us on this, please drop in on this Github issue.

Please use this feature ☺ make some noise about the problem with Terms of service online, help fix the biggest lie on the web!